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Property Management



Our team combined has over 90 years of multi-family housing, single family housing, commercial, project management and hospitality property management experience. As such, we are dedicated to managing your real estate investment properly.


Being in the "trenches" has allowed us to create and grow key relationships with vendors, conduct numerous due diligence's, prepare multi-million dollar assets for sale, AND take over management of multi-million dollar assets. Our backgrounds include management and training staffs of all sizes, which gives us the perspective and clarity of the job at hand; the ultimate end goal which is to protect your if it were our own. 


We will:

1.  Conduct tenant placement through tenant screenings, including credit history, employment verification, income verification, rental history, eviction search and criminal background checks.

2.  Pre-Walk through of property with property manager and maintenance manager to ascertain condition of property BEFORE tenant residency.


3.  Prepare all lease paperwork on Georgia Association of Realtors 2018 contract forms.


4.  Conduct move-in inspection with tenant, completing a move-in inspection form for the file.

5.  Answer tenant calls. Dispatch a Maintenance Manager to address service requests and maintenance emergencies. 

6  Collect all rent, assess all associated fees with unpaid rent, including but not limited to late fees; file disposessory warrants, attend court proceedings and execute evictions.


7.  Conduct move out inspections.   


8.  Assist with turning unit for next tenant, OR assisting with preparing the home to be listed for sale.


9.  Provide EOM Statement for your records.        


*Serving Atlanta and Savannah*



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